About Heck.

Heck® Principal, Dean Hecker is a well known web designer and developer over 20 years, his creative work from start to finish in his remote studio, on the coast of Phillip Island in South East Victoria, Australia. who do "everything a lot" with an extra inner drive. Ordinary team with extraordinary talents who believe in their potential and are completely passionate about what they do. Awesome people who know full well that the business soul is to do everything with a hard on and true connection with the customer. People who found in Heck the chance to feel professionally fulfilled.

How it works

Our approach is to analyse the problem, research the market, plan strategy
and develop the solution. That's how we do.

Let's build something awesome together!

Big things happen here. We're always searching for something new.
We're always looking forward to the future. We want to take you to your limit. We make things uncomfortable, in a good way. It's to create new possibilities. It's to approach new opportunities together. It's for your business to survive. We believe that every brand can achieve more than it is. You just need to move. Let's build something awesome together.
Let's start now!

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